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You've been invited to enroll in the Payment and Delivery Preferences (PDP) service. PDP is a service on the CEO portal. It enables secure electronic payments and document deliveries (such as invoices and statements). You don't have to be a Wells Fargo customer to use this service.


Already a Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) customer? Go directly to the CEO Sign On page to enroll.

About the Enrollment Process

The enrollment takes about three minutes. You'll enter your contact information and create a CEO user ID and password. For your protection, this session will not be stored in your browser's memory.

Once you're logged into the portal, you'll need the validation information from your PDP invitation to access the PDP service and specify your payment and (if applicable) document delivery preferences.

Security Passcode

To begin, enter the code exactly as it appears in the yellow box with no spaces between characters. Then click Continue.

Type the phrase W3J9TUW7 into the passcode fields exactly as it appears below.
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